Windscreen Repair & Replacement Services

Windscreen repair and replacement services offer timely solutions for damaged car glass, ensuring safety and visibility on the road.
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    Car Windscreens

    The car windscreen is a laminated glass shield protecting passengers from wind, debris, and weather. It incorporates UV coatings, defrosting elements, and sometimes sensors for enhanced safety and comfort while driving.

    Car Glass Replace

    Car glass replacement involves removing damaged glass and installing a new one. Professionals ensure a proper fit and seal to maintain structural integrity and safety. It's crucial for visibility and vehicle integrity.

    Rear Window Replacement

    Rear window replacement involves removing the damaged glass and installing a new one, ensuring proper fit and seal. It's essential for maintaining structural integrity, visibility, and safety while driving.

    Welcome to our As Auto Car Glass Services

    8+ Year experiance in repair and replacement service

    We offer comprehensive solutions for all your auto glass needs. From windshield repairs to replacements, our skilled technicians deliver top-notch service with precision and efficiency. Our commitment to quality ensures your safety on the road, with durable repairs and high-quality glass materials. Whether it's a minor chip or a full replacement, we've got you covered. Experience convenience with our mobile service options, bringing our expertise right to your doorstep. Trust us for professional, reliable auto glass services that prioritize your satisfaction and safety. Contact us today for a clear view and peace of mind behind the wheel.

    Same Day Windshield

    In the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, a cracked windshield shouldn’t slow you down. Our same-day repair service ensures you're swiftly back on the road, enjoying the stunning vistas without worry. Our skilled technicians employ advanced techniques and top-quality materials, guaranteeing durable results that stand up to the rigors of Kiwi roads. With a commitment to your safety and convenience, we prioritize prompt solutions for chips and cracks. Don't let a damaged windshield spoil your journey – trust us for efficient, professional repairs that keep you moving forward. Contact us today and drive with confidence tomorrow.

    Do you have a tiny crack or chip in your windscreen?
    We replace after we repair.

    At our service center, we specialize in repairing minor cracks and chips in your windscreen, restoring clarity and structural integrity. But here's the best part – if the damage is beyond repair, we'll seamlessly replace your windscreen with a brand-new one. Our skilled technicians ensure a perfect fit and top-notch quality, so you can drive away with confidence. Don't let a small chip turn into a big problem – trust us to handle it swiftly and effectively. Contact us today for expert repair and replacement services that prioritize your safety.



      Since we believe we are the greatest in the industry, we provide all of our clients with extremely low costs.


      We are a company run by owners. therefore you can rest easy knowing that there won't be a middleman between you and the owner.


      We are able to replace and repair all auto glass in your vehicle, regardless of its age or brand. With our wide range of providers, we'll find the ideal match.


      Champion Autoglass has years of experience in the field, so you can be confident that it will provide your high-end, contemporary car with competent, timely repair.

    Frequently asked questions

    We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you
    answer some of the more common ones.

    1. How quickly can I get my windscreen repaired ?

    We will most of the time be able to provide you with same day service and by emailing or phoning our call centre we can book you into our first available opening. In the event of an afterhours emergency we can most of the times, sort your problem out within a couple of hours.

    2. Can very old cracks and chips be repaird ?

    Yes it can but the older the crack or chip the more likely it is that water and dirt have penetrated it, which will result in a repair that is not as good as one on a new crack or chip.

    It is always advisable to have the crack and chip repaired as quickly as possible. Try to keep the crack or chip dry and clean from dust and dirt. It will help if you stick one of our saver patches on the chip immediately when it chipped. This way it will remain dry and free of moisture. If you do not have a saver patch available you can stick clear sticky tape over it as a temporary measure, this should keep it clean and dry until you can get it repaired at one of our stores.

    3. How strong is the repair to my chipped windscreen?

    The durability of a windscreen chip repair is significant. We use advanced resin materials that, once cured, restore the strength of your windscreen to stronger than it’s original condition. This repair process not only ensures the structural integrity of the windscreen but also prevents the chip from spreading further. You can trust that our windscreen chip repairs are conducted by the best technicians in the country, enhancing your vehicle’s overall safety and maintaining clear visibility. Our commitment to using high-quality materials and techniques guarantees a strong, lasting repair.

    4. How long do I have to wait before I can drive the car after having a chip repaired?

    After a windscreen chip repair, the wait time before you can safely drive your car is minimal. Typically, you only need to wait about 30 minutes. This duration allows the resin used in the chip repair process to fully cure and bond, ensuring the integrity and strength of your windscreen. Our quick and efficient chip repair service means you’ll be back on the road safely in no time. Trust in our expertise for fast, reliable windscreen chip repairs, where your safety and convenience are our top priorities

    5. What guarantees does AS Auto Glass offer on its services?

    Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer a guarantee on all our workmanship, and we use only high-quality, durable materials for our windscreens. For specific guarantee details, please contact team.


    How much does a car screen replacement cost ?

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